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Welcome to Tentacle Locker Mobile overview and gameplay for android and IOS
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July 29, 2021
5.0 and up On Android & 10 and up on IOS

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Tentacle Locker Mobile is available for Android and iOS ?

Tentacle Locker Mobile is available on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software device and play Tentacle Locker Mobile apk on your phone! Tentacle Locker Mobile is a game full of feeling that you need to take nice young ladies to school and lock them and get them to wear skirts without having to encourage you.

You may hypnotize and lock young ladies in the water. Their interactivity is fundamental. It needs to ensure the young ladies are brought. You should discover what’s going on inside if you have a young woman locked. In this case, you will use touchscreen keys such as bolt keys on the one hand and the ESC key on the other. It seemed fascinating, but amongst the young women there was no fair agreement, but you could play it for all the more.

Will this be possible in future changes, so that young ladies (and future accomplices) who must be trained to stay in the face of taxpayers will have a tent on their heads or whatever in their hearts, and when you have them, the stunning “they.” Tentacle Locker Mobile is a romantic game where you need to get girls back to their school and lock them and make them wear skirts against their will.

Could they hypnotize girls in their water and lure them. It’s really basic gaming. She must lock you in with children. You should look at what is happening inside when you grab a girl x.

How To Download Tentacle Locker Mobile ?

Download and enjoy your time on Android & IOS mobile phones with Tentacle Locker Mobile. As ad*lts go into the wonderful gaming universe, we find good-made games, Tentacle Locker Apk ios , some of them with dubious tastes but otherwise harmless, some of them calling you cops and others like Tentacle Locker. everywhere you go, we find them. Do not know how to make this. Do not know how to do it.

Perhaps you’ve seen so many fake Tentacle Locker Mobile games, but this one is a genuine and official game. So, you can download it on your Androids and enjoy it.

It was formerly only available on PCs but it is now also available on Tentacle Locker For Android. The working game from this website can only be downloaded.

What is Tentacle Locker Mobile?

Welcome to Tentacle Locker Mobile  overview and gameplay for school game.

This application complies with the Guidelines of the copyright law of the United States of “fair use.” If you feel there is a right of direct copyright or trademark infringement that does not follow then contact
Tentacle Locker Mobile is a play on the impression that young ladies have to go to school and lock and wear skirts without encouraging you.

choose your software and play Tentacle Locker Mobile on your phone!
The young ladies must be taken with them. If you have a young lady, you should find out what’s going on indoors.
Tentacle Locker Mobile is a romantic game in which girls have to get back to school and lock them and wear their dresses. They could hypnotize and trap girls in their water.

It’s very important to play games. She’s gotta lock you in with kids.
If you catch a kid, you can look at what is going on inside. tentacle locker based on a virtual fun story where players can capture girls in high schools and make them wear skirts.

For the rest of story see inside the game and enjoy playing.

Is Tentacle Locker Available for Mobile devices ?

Tentacle Locker Mobile Download – How to get Tentacle Locker iOS iPhone Android Tentacle Locker Mobile is a very interactive game that guarantees a lot of excitement and very addictive entertainment.

In the game you have to convince the girls to wear short skirts. You can also lure the girls to the locker. Unfortunately, the game is available only for PC devices, but it was made in Unity3D technology.

This means that every developer can basically transfer the game to mobile devices such as iPhone and Android. In this article I will try to show you how to download Tentacle Locker Mobile for your Android phone and iPhone. The procedure is very simple, it takes a few minutes. In fact, you have to go to the unofficial website Android and iPhone applications, download the APK file or iOS configuration profile.

After installation, you can start the game. In fact, this game will never appear on Android and iPhone in official stores. You probably know why, Tentacle Locker is a game that doesn’t follow the rules of normal app stores. You can only download Tentacle Locker Mobile from unofficial stores.

  • in the iOS version it will be the configuration profile
  • in the Android version it will be the APK file 

Tentacle Locker Mobile - Download & Play Tentacle Locker Mobile on iOS & Android (2021)
Tentacle Locker Mobile – Download & Play Tentacle Locker Mobile on iOS & Android (2021)

How to download Tentacle Locker For Android APK & IOS?

  1. Download the apk from the above page.
  2. Click the Install button to open the downloaded file of Tentacle Locker Mobile.
    You must now authorize unknown sources to install Tentacle Locker Mobile applications. Go to settings >> Apps/Security and tick Enable Apps from unknown sources to be installed.
  3. Click again and the software is mounted on your computer in a matter of seconds.
  4. This was the only Tentacle Locker Mobile Mod Apk installation manual for fans. After downloading Tentacle Locker Mobile on your Mobile, we hope you liked this program. Well in this article there are several other features that we did not list. This Apk is totally safe and available. You can only download Tentacle Locker Mobile apk file and follow the above-mentioned installation process.
App NameTentacle Locker Mobile APK + IOS
File Size41 MB
Latest Version1.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above, IOS 10 and above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesAndroid and IOS game

Download Tentacle Locker Mobile APK IOS & Android

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What is Tentacle Locker Mobile?

Tentacle Locker Apk Android & IOS Version is a smartphone and tablet Android game. Basically, it is built on a nice simulated history in which players can grab and wear skirts of girls in high schools. There are lockers where the player can drag a Tentacle, forcing the player to wear a skirt. However, you can only compel certain high school girls to wear various kinds of things. The following 18 users are not intended. Although such romantic scenes are not present, graphics and play are not suitable for consumers or players under the age of 18. Therefore, you must pass a human verification at the beginning of the Tentacle Locker Mobile. I will share this method later in exact steps so that you can quickly play and use the game. But it’s truly interested and full of enjoyable smartphone Android games. There is a very small selection of websites that have official and operating games. You will then get Apk and install it free of charge on your computer. At the end of this page, I’ll put the connection right. In addition, the Mod Apk ios or OBB is not needed. The Tentacle Locker Mobile  Overview is nevertheless presented in this game. The premise of the game is then drawn from a tale in which characters are forcing girls to wear skirts against their wishes. This novel, thus, is presented but it does not aim at promoting such action.


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