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Welcome in direct the friday night funkin game hack contains various important mystery insider realities, friday night funkin building game and significantly more to isolate all stages and missions of the games with the ultimate objective for you to use it toward your advantage. UPDATED MOD For ios & android
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May 8, 2021
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Welcome in direct the friday night funkin game guide contains various important mystery insider realities, friday night funkin building game and significantly more to isolate all stages and missions of the games with the ultimate objective for you to use it toward your advantage.

Friday Night Funkin is a love letter to rhythm games, flash games and the Newgrounds community, filled with all sorts of character cameos.

the friday night funkin game FNF guide contains many useful hidden secrets, friday night funkin building FNF game and many more to break down all stages & missions of the games in order for you to use it toward your advantage.

The popularity of Friday Night Funkin has served as a promo for several characters making guest appearances in it.

The first guest appearances to be seen in Friday Night Funkin beats are the two opponents from the second week of the game.

In the third week of Friday night Funkin players have to face a character that is strongly associated with the Newgrounds story.

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What's new

Friday Night Funkin: Let’s fly and rock!

The very first rhythm game has a story ever

Friday Night Funkin is not simple as you see on the poster. It is exactly the wittiest humorous music I’ve ever played!

And surprisingly, it also has a storyline and cannot be played immediately like other music games. With such a special difference, no matter what the next steps are going to be, I must mark it an A+!

Friday Night Funkin APK download

The plot is actually quite simple, it is just the premise for your adventure with this music app. In the game, you are a boyfriend for the first-time debuting before “future father-in-law”. But the irony is that this erratic father was a rock star with the stage name Daddy Dearest when he was young. The debut didn’t seem very good, and the godfather didn’t seem to like you. He posed a series of challenges that you must do and overcome if you want his daughter. In general, you have to prove a strong love for his daughter by fulfilling all the challenges including the most horrible rap battles.

And not only her father, but also some of her unbearable cousins, even the wet-behind-the-ears boys who are competing in pursuit of her, are also rushing to “treat” you. Are you ready to persistently capture your girl’s heart until the very end or just let these rhythmic challenges beat you?

Gameplay is no gameplay. Just touch! Sounds easy? But do you think you have enough skills?

When I started playing, I thought it was a joke. You just need to simply use the arrows to click on the correct box in the correct order, and in the correct tune. Only touch, touch and touch! Of course, try not to miss any notes. If you miss a lot of notes, you lose.

The story of the game is divided into weeks, representing the encounters and challenges of the godfather for you. Each week will have 3 different difficulty levels. The more difficult, the degree of rhythm coordination as well as the speed of capturing your notes must be faster.

Friday Night Funkin for Android

And now I will tell you the simplicity of the game. The game equips players with WASD buttons to navigate on the right-hand side of the screen. You just need to touch the buttons to “catch” the arrow notes only. But what should we do if those evil arrows flew back and forth continuously when the stubborn name appearing on the left hand of the screen just wiggles and distracts us as much as possible? You will miss 1, 2, 3 and n arrows until Game-over.

When you realize you’re not as dexterous as you think you are and also relize the level of “crazy” of the game … it was too late, just replay! (Luckily, we can replay right from the scene where we just “died”).

Interesting graphics in Friday Night Funkin

The graphics in the game are extremely attractive to me. How to say. It is “play”, but “funny chibi” yet a bit “dark” and extremely challenging. When I didn’t go through the game, I even thought this was a disguised horror game.

Friday Night Funkin on APKMODY

In Friday Night Funkin, do not imagine a dreamlike character cast with rhythmic movements like today’s 3D mobile games, because Friday Night Funkin has absolutely no such thing. The characters, as well as the plot, are just shown on the screen with only a few movements of shaking hands, swaying, challenging faces. As for your boyfriend’s character, his face is sometimes excited, sometimes sad because he drops the beat or seems tense. The most important thing is the arrows and the rhythms flowing in your ears. Sounds simple? But simplicity makes a difference. It looks so fun, I promise!

No doubt about the quality of the music because it is incredibly cool and interesting

It is really really catchy. I don’t really like the bubble-princess or too-rock style, because I think what is too much seems to have no depth (just personal opinion, guys). When I bump into this music game, it’s like “a fish meets water”. Cheer!

Download Friday Night Funkin APK free for Android

Well, if you like it, just join me. I’ve been playing this game for three nights. No game, no sleep!

Download Friday Night Funkin APK here.


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